Meet The Palmers

As a Hawaiian native, I firmly believe that local businesses are what keep our communities close and our economies alive. I will always support local and independent businesses because there is nothing more rewarding than seeing your friends work hard to achieve their dreams. The Palmers own and operate all their businesses in Annapolis, building their legacy through three generations.

Bubbly, blonde and boisterous – the Palmers are a big, all-American family, local to the Annapolis area. They lean on each other, support each other and love one another with plenty of love to spare.

The matriarch is my coworker and good friend, Terry. She’s warm, sweet, thoughtful and ferocious if you mess with her babies. Her husband is Gary, a retired firefighter and fire marshal who spends his time working at his framing business, The Frame Shoppe and Christmas tree farm Holiday Memories Farm.

Terry, Gary and grandson Palmer at their farm

Their kids are Justin, Ashleigh, Shannon and Kelcie. I’ve never had the privilege of meeting Justin but I know their 3 daughters from working with Terry, they are all just as sweet as they are beautiful.

Kelcie, Ashleigh, Shannon and Justin

The Palmer Kids have their own kids now who love to help around the shop and the farm. The grandkids range in age but the youngest are always at the farm, lending a hand and being adorable!

Planting seeds

Fresh produce from the farm

Their farm offers fruit, vegetables, sunflowers, and eggs. The Christmas trees will be available soon. They often have events for families and kids, including holiday parties, hay rides and educational exhibits.

Kids have so much fun at the farm

Gary and his son in law Zeke at the farm

When their chickens had chicks this past spring, we were able to get their hatching updates via the farm’s Facebook page.

Granddaughter Kynleigh helping with the chicks

Recently, Kelcie Palmer has started a photography business and is killing it! I mean seriously, she’s talented.

Kelcie and her daughter Kynleigh

Here are a few photos Kelcie has shared with us on Facebook:

She did the engagement shoot for her cousin and you have to agree, they turned out phenomenally.

Not only are they hardworking individuals, they are honest and do what they can to give back to their community. The men in their family have all served – from firemen and policemen to marines and soldiers – service runs through their blood and they are the kind of folks who believe in protecting the rights of others. They always have open arms – Their love and laughter is something that they invite others to partake in.

Support your local businesses! Behind the hand-painted signs and sun faded awnings, they are people with families to feed. They are your neighbors, your schoolmates, your friend’s friends… their success is your success and that is what makes America so great.

What are some family owned businesses you love?

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