4 Soulful Songs To Vibe Out To

I recently discovered SZA along with every other TDE fan on the internet. Love Galore? Fire.

I was doing some ‘sploring on Spotify trying to find similar music and I found 4 songs that are my absolute new favs.

They’re drive-home-from-work-slower-than-usual songs. They’re wash-day, lather-up-in-the-shower songs. They’re indulge-in-a-cheeky-cigarette-and-watch-the-world-go-by songs. They’re dramatically-sing-into-the-spatula-while-the-rice-is-steaming songs.

Here they are:

1. Daniel Caesar

Japanese Denim

Daniel Caesar has a voice and musical style reminiscent of Frank Ocean. There’s a mysterious undertone to his songs that leave me feeling like there’s more to the story. Japanese Denim is a soulful ballad with a jazz/blues feel that takes me to a dark, smoke filled bar where everyone drowns their troubles in bourbon on the rocks. He sings about wanting his love to last as long as his jeans, a simple concept made complex by the emotion in Daniel’s voice.

2. Sabrina Claudio

Confidently Lost

First of all, she is absolutely stunning. Second of all, the woman can sing! Her voice and the instrumentals of this song remind me of Solange’s iconic Cranes In The Sky. This song brings the soulful expression of a young woman comfortable in her skin and it makes me want to dramatically glide around my house in a long satin kimono. Confidently Lost is an artfully crafted song about a woman who is in the process of growing, changing and enjoying the ride alone.

3. Ro James

Already Knew That

Ro James brought us the slow, sensual jam Permission and taught us just how sexy consent is. In Already Knew That, Ro paints a picture of passionate lovers, breathlessly ravaging each other in the backseat of a car. It’s the kind of song that reminds me of the first time I ever felt addicted to someone. He sounds a little bit different on this track and I’m impressed by his versatility. I’d compare his sound to Anderson Paak, in fact before I knew it was Ro James’ song, I thought it was Paak’s.

4. Gallant

Skipping Stones (ft. Jhené Aiko)

Gallant is from Columbia MD like myself and that alone, is enough to win points in my book. His vocals are almost unlike anything I’ve ever heard, however, in Skipping Stones he sings in a falsetto key that makes me think of Usher’s Climax. The song brings me the image of someone forlornly looking out over a lake, mindlessly bouncing rocks off of it’s glassy surface, mulling something over. I think the song is about searching for answers to life’s toughest questions. Also, the harmony with Jhené Aiko is a truly beautiful blend that adds depth to the song.

I’m constantly on the search for new music to enjoy. What are some of your favorites?

Thanks for reading,

Until next time

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