Tips to Surviving Summer

Summer is here! Tan lines, beach vacations, ice cream and cold drinks. What’s not to love about summer? Well… plenty if you’re overweight. Here’s a few tips to beat the heat.


If you’ve never experienced chubrub just exit this article immediately because it is the bane of a fat girl’s existence. Chubrub feels like the devil himself is passionately dancing the salsa between your legs. It occurs while wearing a bathing suit, shorts, skirt, dress or basically anything where your bare thighs are touching for an extended period of time. It is exacerbated when sweat or water is introduced. The friction of your thighs rubbing together causes a painful, blistering rash that lasts for at least a whole day. The best way to treat chubrub is to avoid it completely.

Men’s Deodorant

I liberally apply Old Spice’s Fiji deodorant between my thighs before wearing shorts or a bathing suit. I like Fiji because it smells girly (kind of like pineapples) and it’s a clear gel that is invisible to the eye. This long lasting deodorant glides on smoothly and it adequately protects your lady-parts from a hellish burn.



I bought some cheap control top shorts last year to try them out before I really invested money in them. They got me through the whole summer and my wedding day. The best part was how well they stopped my thighs from rubbing together, it was a dream! The only downside was because of how low quality they were they began to lose elasticity from washing. Because of how much I loved that pair I invested the money in a high quality pair. I bought the Spanx brand Higher PowerShort in nude. OMG! They are so soft and very slimming, an incredible asset to every dress I own. I love, love, love them.


I bought mine from Torrid 


Having big boobs isn’t a bad thing, except when it’s over 80 degrees. For some reason, boobs seem to sweat more than anywhere else on your body and you can just forget about going braless. So how can you avoid wringing out your bra at the end of each day?

Men’s Deodorant

Again! I use the Fiji deodorant under and between my ta-tas. It incredibly reduces that gross sweaty-boob smell and helps manage overall sweat production.

Baby Powder

Generic baby powder will work fine. Sprinkle some into your bra cups before you put it on. Definitely helps with chafing and rubbing.



Torrid, Lane Bryant and Forever 21 carry very supportive and comfortable bralettes in bigger sizes! These bras are breathable and very wearable. There’s so many styles available now that you can have all different colors or a sexy, strappy design for your fav sweetheart neckline. Pair it with an open back or low cut shirt.


My favorite bralette comes from Torrid! I prefer adjustable straps to lace straps, they offer more support


This may be common sense but you have a responsibility to yourself and others around you to stay on top of your personal hygiene. Your friends may be too afraid to tell you that your stank preceedes you so keep a jump on it. Fat folds are a breeding ground for bacteria – warm and dark, plenty of smells are born there. Shower daily, exfoliate and wear deodorant.


I don’t know what the hell I would do without a scrubby-thing (that’s what I call a bath poof). I love mine, I get a cheap one that will last me a few weeks and then I buy a new one. They cost $3 tops at most places. If you have difficulty reaching your back or behind and you don’t feel like you’re getting as clean as you could be, invest in a long handled brush or loofah. I bought one for my hubby because he was breaking out on his shoulders.



Exfoliating is good for so many reasons, but for me, I like to use a gritty scrub to really get that completely clean feeling.


I use Lush’s Rub Rub Rub Scrub Bar

Gel Deodorant

I will always use gel deodorant! It is silky smooth and there’s no waiting for it to dry. It dries clear so if you’re someone like me who wears mostly black clothing you will thank me for this! Some women prefer to use all natural deodorants and for them I reccomend Lush Deodorants.


I use Secret Outlast

Baby Wipes

I like to have wipes on hand for those 12 hour shifts when I’m not feeling so fresh and can’t get a shower until almost 9PM. Don’t be afraid or ashamed to carry some in your bag, you’d be suprised just how many other women carry them. Summer’s eve makes some but they’re expensive and tiny. I like regular old wet wipes, you can get a small pack for $1 in the travel section anywhere!



Another thing I keep in my bag at all times is body spray. I don’t like to waste expensive perfume at work, I carry a small Victoria Secret or Bath & Body Works spray in my purse and when all else fails, I spritz on a little in the bathroom or in my car.


My favorite Summer scent is called Hello Beautiful


I absolutely hate wearing makeup in the summer. It feels like it’s going to melt off! Your foundation becomes useless when you get a tan, are you really going to buy three different shades? Hell no, that shit is expensive. I also have curly hair and Maryland summers are humid! I can’t stand when my makeup is running and my hair looks all wrecked. How do I tame the frizz and get my glow on?


I usually wear my hair curly in the summer if I’m spending a lot of time in the pool or at the beach. I swear by Catwalk products!


I also rock a bun when humidity is at a high. YouTube how to do a sock bun, it’s a lifesaver.

Light Coverage

I have rosacea so I don’t like going barefaced unless I absolutely have to. I discovered BB Cream a few months ago and it’s basically all I’ll wear anymore. Top it with some bronzer and a little blush and you are all good to go. It’s light coverage with a breathable moisturizing base. IMG-2184

I use Maybelline‘s BB cream in medium

For bronzer I like using a weightless, liquid bronzer. It’s light and very metallic, it sticks to my skin for a long time and looks absolutely stunning.


This bronzer is worth it’s weight in gold! It also smells divine


That’s about it for my summer guide. What are your seasonal staples? I’d love to know!

Thanks for reading!

Until next time,


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