2 Beautiful Ladies I Met Today

Today my hubby and I went to the movies on a date to see Dunkirk (it was really good!) but I saw two absolute beauties while I was there. Despite my husband’s protests I approached them and asked if I could include them in my blog. They both said yes!

This was my outfit for our date, the dress came from inside my Dia&Co Box it’s by Jessica Simpson

This is Dawn – She told me that she got this gorgeous peach colored tulip dress from a little store called Pretty Haute Boutique! Simply stunning. 

This is Alyssa – She told me she got the black skater style dress from Asos and her flowy, patterened kimono from Forever 21. Love, love, love!

Compliments brighten everyone’s day, if you see someone and think they look beautiful, tell them!
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2 thoughts on “2 Beautiful Ladies I Met Today

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  1. Do you love Dia & co? I have tried stitch fit. I have received 2 boxes. They are ok, but not as good as I thought. How much is Dia & co and how does it work?


    1. I really do like it! My first box all fit me but they were my style, I rated and reviewed each item and gave some suggestions and my next box came with all things that I absolutely loved. It’s a $20 fee for each box which goes as a credit toward anything you keep.


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