3 Reasons To Chop Your Hair

If you’ve got a round face I know you’ve Googled Celebrities with roundfaces and short hairOh you haven’t? Well I have. In fact it took me a while to even consider cutting my hair to shoulder-length and It wasn’t until I saw a picture of Demi Lovato with short hair that I made up my mind. It was about a month after my wedding and I decided to start this new chapter in my life with a new do. I’d never had my hair cut shorter than a trim and I was ready to try something different. I was terrified that my face would appear swollen and I would look like a “Get me the manager” type of person. What I actually found is that I looked great and loved my new hair! My hair was lightweight, easy to clean and easy to style. I’m glad I did it and now I’m no longer afraid of changing my hair.

Here’s why you should do it too:

  1. It grows back. My hair is nearly the exact same length it was before I cut it 9 months ago and because I have very dark hair it was easy for me to dye it back to black. I had my fun with the balayage shoulder-length hair for a while but as soon as summer hit, I knew I wanted my long black hair back. It just goes better with my summer style!
  2. You will rock it. I spent alot of time worrying whether or not I could pull off short hair and if it would work with my face. The best way to figure it out was just to do it. Find a stylist and show them a picture of what you want. If you don’t like it – see number one. 
  3. Change is healthy. Cutting your hair gives it a chance to heal and regrow. You don’t realize how dead your hair is until you get it cut. It feels so strong! You can’t stop running your hands through it. If you’re a curly girl, you could take this opportunity to no-heat-treat your hair and get your curl pattern back. You might even find that you feel a little more outgoing now, when we take risks we step outside of who we are comfortable being. 

So my advice to you is, do it at least once in your lifetime. It didn’t even take a year for it to grow back and it looks like I never cut it.
Nothing is permanent, everything is temporary.


Thanks for reading,

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Kiana (2)


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  1. Literally I cut my hair loads not too long ago and was absolutely terrified because I have a round face!! Great post, it’d mean a lot if you checked my blog out too x

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