My Favorite Summer Looks

I’m polynesian so summer time is my time to stunt! I like to arrive to the function in statement pieces so I love finding sexy, sassy items from plus-friendly stores and websites.
I’m 5’7″ and I wear 20/22

Here are some my favorites:

RomperThis romper was my very first one! I bought this last year in September 2016, so I’m not sure of the availability. It fit so well and the color looked so great on me that I was sold on the idea of wearing a one-piece outfit.  I bought it from Forever 21 Plus for roughly $20. IT HAS POCKETS!


Photo Oct 19, 9 47 35 PMI bought this layered dress last year to wear on my honeymoon in Aruba. I never liked coral until I wore this dress and I realized bright colors look good on my skin tone. I bought it at Target Plus


IMG_1113Since I loved my first romper and that coral dress last year, naturally I bought a coral colored romper this year! I bought this online again at Forever 21 HERE for $19.90. I should also say this fabric is extremely thin. It looks heavier on the website.
unnamed (30)I’ve never been a fan of maxi dresses or showing my arms, but this dress is perfect! This off the shoulder style is about to be my go-to this summer. It lends slight coverage while also exposing the shoulders.. wearing long sleeves in the summertime is just not an option. The length is above the ankle so it doesn’t drag on the floor (but I am 5’7″) I bought this from Old Navy HERE on sale for $34


A couple of other closet staples include pieces from Torrid and Modcloth. When buying clothes I opt for comfort and functionality over anything else, mostly because plus-sized clothes cost nearly twice (WHY?) as much as regular clothes… so when I buy clothes I like to feel like I’m making a sound investment. Shopping for my body type isn’t nearly as difficult as it may seem, finding clothes that flatter instead of hide are easier to find now more than ever and to that I  say “Check Out Now”.

Thanks for reading,

Until next time.

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