My Sister Is Stylishly Slender

Whether you’re plus or petite, there hasn’t always been a fashion world for you. It’s truly a struggle and an unfair disadvantage to being born the way you are. Take my sister and I for instance, we are opposite body types, yet it still seems we both have trouble finding clothes that fit us well (My bridal fitting for example). My sister is tall and toned from German genetics where I am round and plump from Samoan genetics (We are not biologically related but we share a bond that only sisters share and that’s what matters). My sister enjoys pants, relaxed fit shirts and sneakers while I rely on casual dresses, leggings and sandals. During our lunch date today I noticed how well her style compliments her personality and body type. She had a sort of 70s style about her outfit that made me stop and take her picture. It makes me happy to know that we’ve both settled into our bodies and are comfortable with who we are.

Her shirt is from Target, Jeans are PacSun and shoes are Vans.

I hold no prejudice against anyone else’s body, I guess I simply ask that you have none against mine.

Thanks for reading!
Until next time.

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