Redefining my relationship with food

Back in January, the Hubby and I decided we’d like to start a family, I figured the best way to get my body ready for motherhood would be to feed myself properly and begin an exercise regimen. I’ve always been a full figured woman but specifically in the last couple of years I’ve gained a significant amount of weight due to a major life change (Maybe I’ll make a post about it later on). So I set up appointments with my primary care physician and my OBGYN to get the conversation started, they both agreed that losing weight would be a great start. A couple of weeks later I began taking prenatal vitamins, stopped drinking caffeine and decided I would “try” to diet. However, months went by until finally I got tired of saying, “I’ll start my diet tomorrow” and sought professional help from a dietitian at a weight loss center. The hardest part for me so far has been cutting out processed foods, refined sugar and trying to drink enough water! So here’s what I’ve learned about dieting for the past few weeks:

The Good

  • The great news is it’s 2017 and there is A LOT out there – This doesn’t have to be ya mama’s diet! In a world full of Whole Foods and trendy restaurants that cater to vegans and the gluten intolerant, we are able to easily find healthier versions of our favorite foods at reasonable prices.
  • Grocery shopping has become a time to bond and spend together as we roam the aisles in our local market, fawning over greek yogurts in extravagant flavors and organic hummus. It definitely helps having a partner in this process, I suggest dieting with a friend or a family member, finding ways to make it fun has been great for our marriage.
  • Finding a weight loss center was another great thing for me. Medically monitored weight loss is ideal for someone like me who has struggled using unhealthy and unconventional ways to lose weight. I’ve found that slow and steady is going to work the best for me so I can make long-lasting changes that I can stick to. Weekly check-ins at the center keep me accountable and I also receive a B12 shot, to keep my energy up. The best part is that it’s all covered by insurance!
  • Keeping myself accountable, I downloaded the app called MyFitnessPal. It’s free and it syncs with my fitbit app which I like because I’m starting to keep track of my steps. I’ve had my fitbit since Christmas, unfortunately I just wasn’t committed yet. I’ve found that pre-logging my food for the day helps me visualize how to divide up my calories.
  • Most importantly, I’m losing weight.

The Bad

  • Trying to stick to a plan for parties has proven to be difficult. What I’ve learned about myself is that if healthy food is my only option, I have no problem being sensible. However, it’s when I have the choice between salad and a cheeseburger off the grill that things get sticky… I’ll probably choose the cheeseburger! My solution: Planning in advance. Like I mentioned above, I pre-log my food before I eat and am able to kind of balance out my calorie/macro intake. I try to drink as much water as possible before a meal to prevent overeating and (Yes I know it sounds silly) attempting to chew more slowly. I try to plan around the meal which will impact my day the most, for instance, if I know I will be eating a big lunch I will be as strict as possible about breakfast and dinner.
  • Prepare for unsolicited advice. Everyone has opinions on how to lose weight. Everyone has opinions on how to get pregnant. It’s caused me to kind of stop talking about it all because I’m tired of hearing,“Just don’t eat carbs!” or “As soon as you stop thinking about getting pregnant, you’ll get pregnant!”. I know everyone means well but I’m learning how to just nod, smile, say ‘Thank You’ and carry on.
  • I’m just not much of a meat eater. I’m also pretty picky about reheated food. Trying to get enough protein is proving to be a challenge for me, I’m excited to find new ways to meet my protein goal. I’m leaning heavily on fish, nuts and eggs for now until I warm up to the idea of eating more meat.

The Ugly

  • I have a sensitive stomach and it’s been rocky since I started dieting. I’m eating more fiber than I ever have, so in these first few weeks I’m learning how to be conscious of foods that don’t sit well with me.
  • I began experiencing severe pain in my stomach when I started dieting. I was eating nearly twice as many calories before and my body was making enough stomach acid to digest it all so now that I’m eating significantly less there’s no reason for the extra acid. After self-diagnosing myself with an ulcer (LOL)  I found out from a real doctor that sharp pain is acid reflux! I have never experienced acid reflux before and it’s actually really painful. Luckily it’s easy to treat and I’ve stocked up on antacids.
  • The ugliest of all is when I’m criticising myself. I’ve made huge strides as far as building a new relationship with food goes and I often don’t give myself enough credit for it. As a human I love instant gratification, I’d like to see drastic results right away but that’s what’s caused me to fail in the past. It’s rough but I’m learning to give myself a break.

All In All

It’s been an interesting journey. I’m doing my best to keep my head up and have faith that every thing happens in it’s own time. Plus my husband loves the food I make and he’s happy to exercise with me, our dog loves our new found hobby of walking her every chance we get. I really can’t wait to continue and see where this thing takes me! Thanks for reading.

Until next time.

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